The Stura Valley offers various possibilities for enjoying river walking activities not only on the main river but also in several of its tributaries, which offer hidden landscapes to be discovered, which with normal trekking would remain unexplored. This type of activity, which has been growing steadily in recent years, allows you to experience river environments in a new, original and safe way. The levels of difficulty, duration and commitment can be chosen according to the age and fitness level of the participants, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss which new secret corner of the Stura valley we will discover together!

But in practice, what do you do?

After arrivingd at the VSO base, where you will find convenient parking, you will be welcomed by our staff, who will provide you with all the necessary materials to safely deal with river walking activities. Some routes include starting and returning on foot directly from the base, while other excursions include transfers that can be agreed either with the VSO shuttles or with private cars.


There are no particular requirements, apart from the ability to enjoy a simple walk lasting from 30 minutes up to two hours, as well as a great deal of curiosity to explore unusual places in complete safety in the company of one of our guides.



Life vest

Neoprene wetsuit

Neoprene socks



Underwear to be worn under a wetsuit (cotton is not recommended in cold periods)

Replacement underwear

Items needed for a shower (towel, slippers, etc.)


What should I bring?

For all activities you need a swimsuit, T-shirt and socks, ideally synthetic (especially in the cold months as cotton transmits the cold). You will also need the necessary items to take a shower (e.g. towel, slippers, shampoo).

Where do I store my belongings?

You can choose: because parking is adjacent to the VSO base, you have the possibility to store bags and spare clothes in the boot of your car. For small items, lockers are available at the base near the changing rooms.


What is provided for us?

All the technical equipment necessary to tackle the “walk on the river”  in comfort and safety: neoprene wetsuit, boots, water jacket, helmet, and life jacket.

How do we move around the site?

Once you arrive at the base, all subsequent movements take place with the buses of the Valle Stura Outdoor.


Do you get wet?

It depends on the chosen route: some excursions involve getting wet below the knees, while in other cases it is possible to travel short stretches of the river by swimming; it’s up to you!


Can I gift a canoe/rafting descent?

Yes, it is possible to buy a voucher valid for the whole season. For info email info@vallesturaoutdoor.com or call us on +393401511490.

Those who receive the voucher can use it when they want during that season, booking at least a week in advance.


When is the best time to visit?

There is no single best time for river walking: the excursions will be assessed at the time based on the conditions of the Stura river and related tributaries.