Water is the basic element in nature, without which life itself could not exist: the Stura Valley is rich in this precious element, which uses it in different forms, from enabling the thick and diversified vegetation to the breathtaking landscapes of the numerous water courses that flow into the Stura di Demonte river. A rafting descent is the best way not only to appreciate this beautiful river and the surrounding nature, but it is also an opportunity to listen to the millennial history of the Stura valley, of its villages that have crossed the centuries, the work activities of the past and above all appreciate all that the area can offer in terms of products and services. We see a rafting descent not only as an adrenaline-filled moment of sharing in friendship, but as an exceptional opportunity to discover the territory, an educational and training moment, during which environmental education can be done in a fun, constructive and totally safe way.

The Stura di Demonte river – rafting

The Stura di Demonte river provides a splendid location where you can admire the surrounding natural beauty. In 1992 it was included by CIPRA (International Commission for the Protection of the Alps) as one of only five rivers of the entire Alpine arc with integrity characteristics from a naturalistic point of view. It is a river abundant in water, which appears torrential up to Vinadio and subsequently assumes the volumes of water necessary to be considered a river. The average water flow is naturally subject to considerable variations, based on the time of year and weather conditions. Spring, thanks to the melting of the snow, usually offers the best conditions for those looking for an exciting and high-adrenaline experience, while the summer period is optimal for those who want to get familiar with the river for the first time, for families who want to spend a special day in contact with nature and for groups of friends who want to spend time together in an original way, playing in the fresh air going down the river in total safety.


But in practice, what do you do?

On arrival at the VSO base, where you will find convenient parking, you will be greeted by our staff, who after completing the necessary administration, will provide you with all the necessary equipment to safely enjoy the river. Once the crews are formed, generally from 6 to 8 people, the shuttles will take you on board, where a brief lesson will be given on the main safety rules in the water and above all on what to do (and not to do!) on a raft. After the descent, at the landing, you will find the shuttles that will take you back to the VSO base, where you can relax with a nice shower or with a dip in the pool.


The raft is certainly the safest, most fun and intense way to appreciate a descent on the Stura di Demonte river, which has a degree of difficulty from 2 to 3 depending on the time of year, on a scale of 1 to 6. No special skills are required, beyond being happy on water. For advice and information contact us and we will discuss with you, based on your level of preparation and your expectations, what will be the best time and mode for your experience on the river!

We provide


Life vest

Neoprene wetsuit

Neoprene socks

Water jacket


What you should bring


Underwear to be worn under a wetsuit (cotton is not recommended in cold periods)

Replacement underwear

Shower essentials (towel, slippers etc.)


What should I bring?

For all activities you need a swimsuit, T-shirt and socks, ideally synthetic (especially in the cold months as cotton transmits the cold). You will also need the necessary items to take a shower (e.g. towel, slippers, shampoo).


What is provided for us?

All the technical equipment necessary to go down the river in comfort and safety: neoprene wetsuit, boots, water jacket, helmet, and life jacket.


Where do I store my belongings?

You can choose: because parking is adjacent to the VSO base, you have the possibility to store bags and spare clothes in the boot of your car. For small items, lockers are available at the base near the changing rooms.


How do we move around the site?

Once you arrive at the base, all subsequent movements take place with the buses of the Valle Stura Outdoor.


Do you get wet?

Yes! Going down the river you can get wet, with very different options according to your tastes: there are those who appreciate a very peaceful descent, admiring the landscape; there are those who take advantage of the opportunity to make exciting dives in the river or to engage in real “naval battles” between rafts, complete with ambushes and boardings. It all depends on your mood and the type of crew you are going to form.

How are we divided on rafts?

Safety first: the divisions on the rafts are made by the guide to ensure a united and balanced crew. In general, however, the groups that come together are not divided.


Can I gift a canoe/rafting descent?

Yes, it is possible to buy a voucher valid for the whole season. For info email info@vallesturaoutdoor.com or call us on +393401511490.

Those who receive the voucher can use it when they want during that season, booking at least a week in advance.


What is the best time to visit?

The Stura river usually guarantees a sufficient water flow for the whole season (April-October). The spring months, thanks to the melting of the snow, are more likely to have a higher level, but fun is guaranteed on all occasions. The best thing is to call us (+393401511490) and talk to our manager, to be sure to find the best conditions for what you want to do.


What happens in case it rains?

If it rains, activities still take place. Ironically, very often rain creates special conditions where the river environment is at its best. The only exception is in the case of heavy prolonged rainfall and weather warnings, in which case the decision to suspend activities is at the discretion of the safety manager: safety first!


How many do we have to be?

There is no fixed number: someone on their own can call us and be added to another crew, or go down with a canoe-rafting alone or in a pair. Groups larger than eight will be distributed on several rafts that go down simultaneously.