“Hot Dog” and CANOE-RAFT


Hot Dog and CANOE-RAFT

One of the most fun and versatile ways to go down the river alone or in a company is the “hot-dog” or canoe-rafting. In practice, it is an inflatable canoe, for one or two people, which has the stability of a raft and the maneuverability of a canoe. With this,you can go down accompanying your friends on the other rafts and manage the descent but always under the watchful eye of our guides.


To use a canoe-raft no special skills are required, other than knowing how to swim and good confidence in the water. For advice and information contact us, we will discuss with you your level of preparation and your expectations, to identify the best activity and time for your experience on the river!



Life vest

Neoprene wetsuit

Neoprene socks

Water jacket




Underwear to be worn under a wetsuit (cotton is not recommended in cold periods)

Replacement underwear

Items needed for a shower (towel, slippers, etc.)

What should I bring?

For all activities you need a swimsuit, T-shirt and socks, ideally synthetic (especially in the cold months as cotton transmits the cold). You will also need the necessary items to take a shower (e.g. towel, slippers, shampoo).


What is provided for us?

All the technical equipment necessary to go down the river in comfort and safety: neoprene wetsuit, boots, water jacket, helmet, and life jacket.

Where do I store my belongings?

You can choose: because parking is adjacent to the VSO base, you have the possibility to store bags and spare clothes in the boot of your car. For small items, lockers are available at the base near the changing rooms.


How do we move around the site?

Once you arrive at the base, all subsequent movements take place with the buses of the Valle Stura Outdoor.