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Team Building

The corporate climate, the improvement of communication, the resolution of conflicts, the enhancement of soft skills are all essential aspects for a company able to respond effectively to sudden change. At the VSO it is possible to organize team-building training events, in collaboration with psychologists and interdisciplinary trainers, with both outdoor and indoor activities.

Suggested activities


Several schools of thought agree that team building cannot be considered such unless there is a goal to be achieved or a problem that the group has to face and solve. This line of thought is shared by several expert trainers who collaborate with the VSO team. The carefully-designed orienteering paths offer opportunities for growth of the individual and the group, which are difficult to find in other activities. For these reasons, we offer acclimatization and orientation paths where the group can coordinate and become cohesive to achieve the agreed goal.


A raft is in all respects formed by a crew. If the crew members do not communicate with each other, do not coordinate, do not find the right understanding and the right feeling, the inflatable boat simply does not go where it should. A rafting descent is the ideal time to tackle, with the support of training experts and targeted exercises, communication problems, conflict resolution and tackle all those elements that undermine a good business climate: all in a fun, stimulating way in full contact with nature.


River walking is an activity that lends itself very well to different exercises of relaxation, concentration, and reconciliation with oneself and the world around us: exploring nature can have regenerating effects and facilitate different forms of management and release of stress.


Mountain excursions, from the simplest to the most demanding, can offer various opportunities for developing programming, management and control skills. During these excursions, it is also possible to provide Yoga and meditation sessions, delivered by professionals.


A mountain bike excursion offers many possibilities to unite the group in different ways: leader, support and contribution to the group, cohesion, and collaboration. However, there is a fundamental problem: the differences in physical condition among the participants in the group, which makes it difficult to plan itineraries with pre-established stages and times. With the support of e-bikes, this problem has been largely overcome: it is, therefore, possible to take advantage of the benefits that a planned excursion by bike can have on personal health and the group, without incurring time, physical condition and training problems.


To all companies that intend to carry out outdoor and indoor training activities for their staff. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the program and activities that best suit your needs.


Classroom activities, with a projector. Overnight stay and catering at the Wolf Village can be arranged.