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The worrying data on childhood obesity, the difficulties in performing even very simple actions such as running, jumping, the inability to appreciate and respect nature lead us to reflect on the different elements that make up our lifestyle today: proper nutrition, regular physical activity, a sport or in general the various possibilities that outdoor activities offer, are topics of fundamental importance for a healthy and correct development of the person. At VSO we offer an environment where schools of all levels can organize various activities that facilitate contact with nature, a training space that can lead to awareness of the need and importance to respect ourselves and the environment around us.

Suggested activities


Experiencing the river from within is a unique, fun and extremely educational experience. It allows you to combine healthy physical activity with moments of training on different topics, from the prevention of accidents related to various aquatic environments (rivers, lakes, sea, swimming pools), to the group’s ability to cohere (without which the boat does not go where it should) up to environmental education in all its aspects (nomenclature of flora and fauna, recycling/reuse, climate change, etc.).


River walking offers a different, but no less stimulating, approach to the river environment: children of all ages can explore, discover and learn by playing on known and tested routes, under the eye of expert guides.


From the VSO base, various excursions are possible both on foot and by bike, with varying degrees of difficulty: both along the river and on the beautiful paths of the Tajarè bike path, there is no lack of opportunities for exploration and fun amid unspoiled nature.


Orientation activities and sports offer a truly remarkable quantity and quality of training ideas: physical skills, reasoning, collaboration, leadership, assertiveness are all essential qualities for learning to move in the environment around us.


To all schools of all levels that wish to organize outdoor activities: do not hesitate to contact us to agree on the program of the day and the activities that best suit your needs.


Classroom activities, with a projector. Overnight stay and catering at the Wolf Village can be arranged as well as overnight accommodation in a tent in the VSO area. It is possibleto reach the VSO base by bike from the railway stations of Cuneo or Borgo San Dalmazzo.