The VSO base is located in a strategic point for those who intend to make mountain bike excursions. For families who want a simple and pleasant trip without facing demanding differences in altitude and especially without being in the traffic, there are dirt roads that lead along the Stura river and connect to different cycle paths both towards the valley (Moiola) and towards the mountain (Demonte) as well as the nearby military road, asphalted, well shaded and without particular traffic. For those who would like to tackle more demanding routes, they can venture on the beautiful tracks of the Bike Park Tajarè, relying on the well-prepared cycling guides, who will take you to discover the most suggestive panoramas of the Stura Valley!

Trekking in the mountains

Outdoor trekking, on foot, by bike or by e-bike, are constantly growing, as confirmed by various statistical and journalistic sources. But an increase in popularity does not always correspond to good news: mass tourism, often leads to negative consequences both for the individual and for the place and the communities visited. The local news often reports accidents in the mountains, from simple spraining (often due to unsuitable footwear) to, unfortunately, much more serious consequences, not to mention the consequences on the environment that the unwary tourist can cause, from littering to the indiscriminate collection of flowers and the disturbance of fauna with inappropriate behavior. For these reasons, we believe it is necessary to fight the commonplace view that “it is only a walk in the mountains”, which is causing so much damage to the local flora and fauna, in addition to increasing accidents in the mountains.

Nature and cycle tour guides

We believe that it is possible to experience the mountain in the best way by promoting through the right channels and in the right way the little-known professional figures of the nature and cycle tour guides (BU Reg. Piem. N.25). They can play a role in promoting the area, protection of flora and fauna, prevention of accidents in the mountains and educational activities that lead to a civil user who is respectful of the natural environments that are found in the Stura valley and similar locations.


The saying “once you learn to ride a bicycle you can never forget it” is certainly true as it says: it all depends on the level of the route you intend to take. Contact us and we will suggest the most suitable excursion for you and your level of preparation!


The guide brings the first aid kit and GPS cell phone to provide geolocation and in case of minor emergencies. There is a map with the routes of the Tajarè bike park available to anyone wishing to consult it.


Own bike and related equipment or availability of normal bike or e-bike rental.