Many of the founding members of the Valle Stura Outdoor A.S.D. are passionate about river sports, primarily kayaking. Among the various modes that can be used to go down a river, kayaking is certainly among the most technical and requires more attention and experience. For the first experience of this splendid discipline, at the VSO you will find equipment, instructors, and passionate canoeists who will provide you with all the information necessary to get closer to this exciting sport. For those interested in pursuing activities, both competitive and fun, and wishing to undertake courses of different levels, you can find in the Cuneo Canoa A.S.D. the best answer to your needs. Cuneo Canoa has used the river since 1974 and is able to offer preparation and professionalism that is difficult to find elsewhere. Several members of the VSO are also members of the Cuneo Canoa, with which they collaborate on several fronts. For contacts and info cuneocanoa@gmail.com www.cuneocanoa.it

The Stura di Demonte River – kayak

The Stura di Demonte river provides a splendid location where you can admire the surrounding natural beauty. In 1992 it was included by CIPRA (International Commission for the Protection of the Alps) as one of only five rivers of the entire Alpine arc with integrity characteristics from a naturalistic point of view. It is a river abundant in water, which appears torrential up to Vinadio and subsequently assumes the volumes of water necessary to be considered a river. The average water flow is naturally subject to considerable variations, based on the time of year and weather conditions. Spring, thanks to the melting of the snow, usually offers the best conditions for those looking for an exciting and high-adrenaline experience, while the summer period is optimal for those who want to get familiar with the river for the first time, for families who want to spend a special day in contact with nature and for groups of friends who want to spend time together in an original way, playing in the fresh air going down the river in total safety.


To face a kayak descent, you need to know how to swim, have a good physical condition and not be afraid of water sports in general. For advice and evaluation, do not hesitate to contact us, we will evaluate your level of preparation together on the basis of the water conditions of the chosen period.


Option to rent boat/kayak (based on the practitioner’s level)


Life vest

Neoprene wetsuit

Neoprene socks

Water jacket





Underwear to be worn under a wetsuit (cotton is not recommended in cold periods)

Replacement underwear

Itms needed for a shower (towel, slippers, etc.)